GP Shipping


(Cardiff 21.08.15)

"..I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent assistance in getting the spare parts on board in time."

(Hunterston 12.05.15)

"... I came late last night in my home in Birmingham, I would to say many thanks to you for everything, i hope to seeing and meeting you next time. Have a good day you and your colleague, many thanks..."

(Hunterston 28.08.15)

"...Thanks for you and your office good cooperation during stay in Hunterston..."

(Immingham H.I.T. 21.07.15)

"..Truly your excellent service and great assistance rendered to vessel's needful which resulted to a very smooth operation during our last call at Immingham were highly appreciated..."

(Shoreham 22.08.15)

"...Thanks for your kind cooperation during Shoreham port call. Looking forward calling your good port again soon..."