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Similar to the AMS (Automated Manifest System) in operation for vessel calls to the United States, the EU-ACD regime makes it mandatory for all carriers to complete a specific electronic declaration of information whenever their vessels arrive at any EU port with cargo onboard loaded at a port outside the EU.

GP Shipping has been a leading provider in the processing of coordinated EU Advance Cargo Declarations through a centralised team since the system became mandatory in January 2011. Since that time our continued success has seen this specialised team grow to handle over 3000 submissions per year for a large number of key clients in both the dry cargo and tanker sectors.

Through a consultative dialogue with many national Customs authorities throughout the EU states, GP Shipping continues to make further investment in electronic systems to enable us to be at the forefront of EU-ACD reporting for all European ports through a central desk. Having one set of experts at a central point of contact we provide effective management of all client requirements across the whole EU and work closely with local port agents to ensure that there are no delays to vessel movements. We manage the details so that our customers can have complete peace of mind and they can concentrate on the voyage at hand, confident that a reliable database of their vessels' calls is always available for audit.